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Terms and Conditions of Hiring the Hall

  • There will be a maximum of 150 people in attendance.

  • The applicant will use the premises only for the function stated.

  • The Village Hall will not be responsible for loss or damage to property left in the hall at any time.

  • The applicant will ensure that the premises and contents are safeguarded during the letting period. Any damage will unfortunately result in a lost deposit



  • At the time of booking the agreed deposit must be paid to hold the date. This also confirms that all terms and conditions are accepted and agreed by the hirer.

  • All hire charges must be paid at least one calendar month before the function.

    The deposit will be refunded by cheque to the name on the booking form within four weeks, subject to terms and conditions being upheld. If another party is paying the deposit, please advise at the time of payment so that our treasurer is aware.

  • A cancellation fee will be charged if the function is cancelled within the month of the function.

  • Setting up and clearing up times MUST be included when making a booking.


  • We do not take bookings for teenagers 13+ or 20th and 21st birthday parties.

  • Our caretaker will open the hall for you at the designated time from which you have booked and lock up at the designated finishing time shown on your booking form.

  • If after setting up you need to leave the hall empty (for example church service) please advise the booking secretary and a key will be provided for you, which must be returned to the caretaker at the end of the function.

  • The caretaker, having opened for you on time, will explain how things work in the hall, after which time you will be responsible for the behaviour of those attending your function.


    There is a phone number at the end of these instructions, which you may use if you encounter any problems on the day. The caretaker will return at your designated closing time.


  • If you require the hall to be cleaned for you at the end of your function, there is an option to pay for this in cash on the day of your function, directly to the caretaker. This is recommended for late night functions. You will only be required to collapse the tables, stack the chairs and remove any food and drink items and deposit in the skip. The caretaker can then wipe clean all surfaces, hoover and sweep the premises. If not taking up this option, please ensure that you leave the hall exactly as you found it and be ready to leave at the time shown on the booking form.

  • An extra cleaning fee will be taken from your deposit should the caretaker find the hall in an unacceptable condition - there will be no option to have extra time to clean at the end of functions so please ensure all your guests are aware of this.

  • Any complaints from either hirers or caretakers will be fully investigated by the committee and their decision will be final and binding. We suggest photographic evidence to be helpful in this regard.

  • Any tables and chairs used need to be wiped down and returned to their original storage places, the floor swept and the carpet hoovered.

  • Please place any rubbish in black bags, secure and deposit in the skip provided in the car park.

  • Please take your recycling bags home with you.

  • Regarding alcohol – You are welcome to serve alcohol. A licence is only required if the alcohol is being sold – see Spelthorne Borough Council website for a temporary event notice.

  • No smoking is permitted inside the premises – please use the car park area, not the front steps.

  • No candles, other than on a cake, are permitted.

  • All music must be turned off and the hall cleaned and vacated strictly on time – please leave quietly as we are close to residential properties.

  • Contact on the day of your function Jo White 07706 145740

  • Enjoy your function – please park with consideration for others.

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